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I used this app for the first time yesterday and I love it!!!!! My printer is acting up at home so I’m glad I was able to get a few important documents printed.

Printer On

Printer On is an extremely easy to use application for those who want to print from almost anyplace whether it be the web, PDF's, your e-mail service, personal documents from your computer, mobile device or the cloud. The app completely simplifies the process of network printing which is very important for those who may not be that good at searching out printers not in their home or on their home network to print from.

Almost Convenient

It's easy to use. Just wish there were more options as far as how things can be printed such as a "print on both sides" and for power points, the ability to have more than one slide on a page. Please change immediately!

Unfriendly interface

OneDrive integration not working, although Box did. You can't send to this app from photos, have to browse photos from the app. The pop up messages that state success or failure stay on the screen, they don't timeout. The service needs better support of model specific PCL5e drivers.


Don't even bother downloading it

Complete crap.

Needed something printed urgently. Saw this app advertised at their printer on campus. I'm standing right next to their printer and the app can't locate any printer! Useless!

App malfunction

The app closes when I am trying to search for my printer.


On iPhone 4S, try to print. Prompts you for privacy code. Enter privacy code. "Continue" button hidden because UI "shifts up" when on screen keypad displays. You can't press button therefore can't print. Used to be great. Needs to be fixed.

Need a way to print only certain pages

Nice app, but sometimes I don't need to print an entire pdf. It's wasteful and expensive. Page selection, please.


Save the environment and use this app. You'll never waste another piece of paper because it won't print anything.

Works well

I have been using PrinterOn for a couple of years now on my laptop. If you are a road warrior this app is for you.


Messy. Junky.

Works like a charm except

The hotel I'm sitting in came up 25th on the list? In West Pam Beach and it listed a bunch of Boca hotels. Annoying. Otherwise, worked as advertised (no card in my room, so no web address for my computer. This was faster).

This app helps you locate printers when you are away from your office and home.

True no wireless detection for nearby printers, but this app does something no other print app does. It puts you in touch with "public printers". You find the printer, send an email with the doc attached, and it sends you back a release code. When you get to the printer, it will have a keypad to enter your code. Enter the code and out comes the print. Pretty slick when you are away from the office or home. It will be slicker when more wireless locations set up printers. This app not very intuitive, however. Most other print apps start by asking you what you want to print, this asks where you are and finds you a printer close by.

not the best

this app won't even detect any printers at all, it might as well be useless

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